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Christmas presents!

So far, I’ve gotten a Yakko bendable figurine and a mix CD of various Christmas songs from one friend. Now’s your chance to give me a Christmas or birthday(Jan 6) present too, if you so choose. How? Oh, I can think of a few ways…

  • Also, there are the ads around the page. Use a faster shipping method to ensure it gets to you before Christmas. If you have get-togethers after Christmas like I do, there might still be time to use super-saver shipping. These affiliate links help support the comic.

  • Same with the Project Wonderful ads. If you want to advertise something good, you’re welcome to bid for the advertising space by clicking the link below the ad. All proceeds from the advertising space are used to promote the comic even more. I plan on putting out more ads than usual in January.

  • Speaking of promoting the site, that’s another gift I’d highly appreciate! You can use the Share button underneath a comic to promote it on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, you can mention the Kenny Chronicles on Twitter or Facebook, or get even more creative! I’ve gotten visits thanks to Kenny Chronicles pages being made on TV Tropes and WikiFur. What other sites do I need a presence on? Either make an entry on that site, or let me know if I need to have an official entry somewhere. I’m already on Belfry comics and the sites listed underneath my Twitter widget.

  • On Second Life? Kenny Panache will gladly accept gifts of Linden dollars, fun objects, useful scripts(I enjoy building stuff) or cool landmarks(my profile picks show where I frequent already). I already have lots of the common freebies, but I’m still building my inventory.

  • Also, fan art makes for a nice gift this time of year!

Kennyland Theme Park OPEN SOON!
Kennyland Theme Park OPEN SOON!
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     Posted: April 1st, 2010
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I know you don’t believe it, but it’s true. In celebration of the comic’s 2nd anniversary, Kennyland Theme Park will have its grand opening in Second Life, in the Furnation Vista region(with easy access to the sandbox). I figure if the comic is web-only, why not have the theme park web-only? I’m pretty sure this is a FIRST in webcomics history. An independent web-only comic, with a theme park.

You have to have the Second Life program AND A VERY GOOD COMPUTER WITH BROADBAND to visit. For those with slower/older computers, I will have videos up around the grand opening.

The park can be visited now, but I still have a lot of texturing to do(plus sound effects!). Text placeholders are on the comic trail where panels of certain comics will be. If you’ve read the entire Funky Skunk storyline, you’ll know what’s going on. I recommend coming again when it’s completely finished, but it’ll be a good sneak peek. For people using the new Second Life Viewer 2.0(now out of beta), you can also see the latest comic on the stage, as well as my favorite YouTube videos.

Got Second Life already? Click this link to teleport!

Friday Feature: First Kennyland Video!

If you don’t have Second Life, this is your chance to experience the comic coaster at Kennyland! This attraction takes you through the storyline that starts with Kenny’s attempted murder on Funky Skunk. The ride’s finale was the main selling point for choosing this storyline.

Editing out all the times Second Life lagged, or times when my computer wasn’t fast enough for more than 5 frames per second, is hard work. Also, finding a screen recording program that works, is free, AND doesn’t bog down an already RAM-hogging activity. Eventually I found Camstudio, which I recommend for recording Second Life activity now.

Fireworks at Kennyland

Fireworks in Second Life There will be a fireworks show in Second Life today! Well, there will be many, but there will also be one at Kennyland, the official virtual theme park of Kenny Chronicles!

In front, you can find a bbq grill that gives hamburgers, a box that gives sparklers, and a cart that gives ice cream cones, all free! On the dancing deck, there’s a cannon that shoots beach ball cannonballs, and there are 2 small fireworks shooters on either side of the swimming pool aimed at each other. After Independence Day, the firework launchers, sparklers and hamburgers will go away. I’ll try to find reasons to bring the grill out more often, though. It may stick around an extra day.

If you have Second Life, come join us at 6pm Second Life time(that’s 8pm CST) for a fireworks show with a nuclear finale.

Click here to teleport in or to get Second Life!

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     Posted: July 29th, 2010
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I have created a FULL-ON DOUBLE-RAINBOW behind Kennyland! It’s so intense! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

If you’re not familiar with this particular meme, please watch this video, and maybe even some of the funny parodies that YouTube suggests.

Double Rainbow beach towelIn “Double Rainbow Land”, as I choose to call it, I’m also selling virtual t-shirts for your Second Life avatar with a double rainbow. It’s a double-pack, appropriately. The two shirt designs are shown to the left.  Also included is the rainbow you see in the comic(includes a resizable version and a texture). The park now has a box of Lucky Charms and a bag of Skittles at the end of the rainbows, just because.

ALSO: Double Rainbow beach towels with scrolling rainbow texture! Yes, an animated texture on a beach towel. The wonders of virtual environments.

If you have Second Life, you can visit the double rainbow here. Short on time? You can also get the shirts at my XStreet store here(also you can see an avatar wearing the shirt).

It’ll be rainbowing for a limited time, so check it out before I build the next park, which realistically might be in a month. Depends on how long it takes to build that thing. I’ll give you a little warning before the rainbow fades away.

It’s a sign! Happy Friday the 13th.

Happy Friday The 13th

I figured I’d do something for Friday The 13th, so here’s a festive sign in Kennyland! Also I turned the bottom of the swimming pool red.

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New ride at Kennyland! And pins!

Ride the soup!!!
This ride is inspired by that one comic where Kenny was eating lemming soup. Kenny’s closest friends are also herbivores, so add in soups for their species and bam, you get a ride similar to the spinning teacups ride in the Disney theme parks.
It’s especially fun when you enter mouselook mode.

With this ride comes another feature: Collectible lapel pins! There are 3 so far.
1. Ride the soup for 5 minutes and a pin icon pops up that you can click on to receive it. The icon stays up for 1 minute and shows up again every 5 minutes. This is the pin of Kenny’s lemming girlfriend, Death.
2. The freebie cart now has a pin of Rufus, Kenny’s kangaroo friend. If you’re a member of the group, this was sent to you.
3. If you pay the tips booth any amount, you receive a Fuego Hare pin. I figured this would be appropriate since Fuego’s the one in the booth. If you don’t have any L$ in your account, that’s fine, you can request a pin by IMing Kenny Panache.

I have even more plans waiting in the wings. For instance, that picture of a ferris wheel in the background is just the start of a collaboration I’m in.

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Bloody bandages for Second Life avatars now for sale!

Bloody bandages for Second Life
I’ve finally gotten these bloody bandages up on Second Life! Click on the image to buy them from the Second Life Marketplace. I also have these in a twin-pack with the non-bloody bandages. The price basically equals a U.S. quarter.

These bandages are worn on your avatar as either a shirt, undershirt, and/or gloves so you can mix/match however you like.

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“Spay or neuter your vets” shirt available on Second Life and real life

Spay or neuter your vets

I totally forgot about this shirt when I created the Veterinary Hospital Of Horror in Second Life! I created it back in 2008 as a real shirt(available here), and it goes PERFECT with the spay/neutering signs around the virtual hospital. So I’ve finally made it available in Second Life as well.

You can get the shirt for your avatar either at the Second Life Marketplace or in-world at the hospital.

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Kennyland has gotten icier!

Kennyland has frozen over
The swimming pool at Kennyland has now frozen over. I knew that heater wouldn’t last forever. ACME only gives a 2-second warranty on any of their products.
I don’t know why the program added a lense flare. I never ordered a lense flare.
Got Second Life? You can click on the picture to visit Kennyland in all its glory. Watch out for deep snow around the Christmas tree in the back yard.

Also, just a reminder that I’m taking Thursdays off from the comic this month.

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Monkeys are attacking your ship, Capt. Janeway!

Monkey head on Voyager

I recently found a great collection of Star Trek ship models for the Blender 3D modeling program, and started playing around with the Voyager one. Then I decided to see if I could cast a shadow on the ship and the monkey head included with Blender fit the need perfectly. After all, it WAS designed to test shading and reflection settings, just like the teapot in other programs, since it can cast a shadow and reflection on itself.

I’m nowhere near being well-versed in Blender(I didn’t design either object in the scene), but this recent bit of play has helped. Before this, the only things I’ve made in Blender were a snow man and a very simple scene that was meant to get perspective right on one comic(simpler to just draw it). I had intended on using Blender for the backgrounds in the comics, but then I got on Second Life and it was at least 10x easier. Been building the backgrounds in Second Life ever since. I need to switch to a higher-quality program, though, since Second Life has lots of building limitations, is slowed by cheap broadband, and is intended to be a SOCIAL  environment. People will talk to you even if you’re in Busy mode, which I normally am.

I plan on having some 3D backgrounds set on land, and Second Life is best for flat, non-natural surfaces, so I ‘m testing out Blender and Unity3(game development program) for those. Not sure what I’ll end up using, but Blender seems more versatile, since I can render high-quality videos with that as well. On the other hand, Unity3 has a tree-making function and is designed for easy landscaping. I don’t know.