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Kenny lives aboard the ship Ballyhoo, part of a large “nation” of ships in the Pacific Ocean called Tarnation.

The “__ years in the future” at the top of each comic is in relation to the year 2011. Previously, it was relative to when it’s being read, but on March 26th, 2011, I decided to stop the moving calendar, making the “118 years in the future” comics set in 2129. Kenny was born 100 years in the future(2111), which makes his age easy to figure.

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For even more information, check out the fan-edited WikiFur page about Kenny Chronicles. Feel free to update or elaborate! I’ve done a fair amount of editing, myself, so there’s a lot of info to springboard off of. I even added the “Characters” and “Technology In The Strip” sections. I give you permission to use images from this site on WikiFur. I may never create a cast page, because characters keep aging and dying. Hard to keep up with.