Theme Park!

Come visit the magnificent KENNYLAND on Second Life! Free to the public.

Spin around on the soups ride, go down the slide, splash around with the duck, or just lounge on a Kenny towel(you can buy one, too!). Old attractions from the Kenny Chronicles version of Kennyland are being re-worked for the Ferrets Vs Lemmings comics.

If you have Second Life, you can teleport there by clicking here. If you don’t have Second Life, you can either get it here, or view the gallery on Facebook. There’s also an old video of the comic coaster(since removed, because it was old & no longer represents the comic as it is now) on YouTube. Second Life is a full-3D virtual world, so a fast computer is required(with broadband internet). Because of that, and the learning curve of a new program, I’ll keep the pictures and videos coming for all of you who either don’t have a fast enough computer(or internet), or those that don’t want to bother with Second Life.