Kennyland Theme Park OPEN SOON!

Kennyland Theme Park OPEN SOON!

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     Posted: April 1st, 2010
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I know you don’t believe it, but it’s true. In celebration of the comic’s 2nd anniversary, Kennyland Theme Park will have its grand opening in Second Life, in the Furnation Vista region(with easy access to the sandbox). I figure if the comic is web-only, why not have the theme park web-only? I’m pretty sure this is a FIRST in webcomics history. An independent web-only comic, with a theme park.

You have to have the Second Life program AND A VERY GOOD COMPUTER WITH BROADBAND to visit. For those with slower/older computers, I will have videos up around the grand opening.

The park can be visited now, but I still have a lot of texturing to do(plus sound effects!). Text placeholders are on the comic trail where panels of certain comics will be. If you’ve read the entire Funky Skunk storyline, you’ll know what’s going on. I recommend coming again when it’s completely finished, but it’ll be a good sneak peek. For people using the new Second Life Viewer 2.0(now out of beta), you can also see the latest comic on the stage, as well as my favorite YouTube videos.

Got Second Life already? Click this link to teleport!

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