Fan Art

A compilation of fan art I’ve gotten from an assortment of wonderful people!

Fanart Friday! Pinball!

Pinball Kenny

We end this flurry of fanarts with this retro shot by Waccoon. Maybe 116 years in the future, pinball will regain popularity? Whether it does or not, Kenny sure likes it!

“Willyums” is my username on various sites. I really like that logo.

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Fanart Friday! Hey there!

prdarkfox's fan art

Here’s Kenny possibly emerging from fog, as drawn by Project Dark Fox 7 months ago.

Stay tuned next Friday for a BONUS Fanart Friday! Turns out, I’ve received more than I thought when I first planned Fanart Fridays.

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Fan Art Friday! Kenny Hates His Future.


This towering fan art was done by Carlo A. Di Donna about a year ago. I think Kenny’s mad because someone stole his pants. It happens from time to time.

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Fanart Friday! Jedi Kenny

Kenny Kenobi

Today’s fanart comes from a guy I’ve played Halo and Halo 2 with many times: Jerry Jones. I overlayed his inked/colored version over his pencil version because I liked the way this looks.

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Fanart Friday!

This first fan art comes from Swiftcutter, who surprised me with it 3 days before my birthday last year. He has lots of other cute fox drawings on his page.
Furaffinity users can click the image to go to the original submission page so you can fav it and such.

Also, during the Ninja Monkeys storyline last week, in response to the monkey vs. pop machine strip, Swiftcutter also threw me THIS piece of fanart:


“Ninja Monkey doesn’t think diet tastes just like regular.”

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