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     Posted: July 29th, 2010
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I have created a FULL-ON DOUBLE-RAINBOW behind Kennyland! It’s so intense! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

If you’re not familiar with this particular meme, please watch this video, and maybe even some of the funny parodies that YouTube suggests.

Double Rainbow beach towelIn “Double Rainbow Land”, as I choose to call it, I’m also selling virtual t-shirts for your Second Life avatar with a double rainbow. It’s a double-pack, appropriately. The two shirt designs are shown to the left.  Also included is the rainbow you see in the comic(includes a resizable version and a texture). The park now has a box of Lucky Charms and a bag of Skittles at the end of the rainbows, just because.

ALSO: Double Rainbow beach towels with scrolling rainbow texture! Yes, an animated texture on a beach towel. The wonders of virtual environments.

If you have Second Life, you can visit the double rainbow here. Short on time? You can also get the shirts at my XStreet store here(also you can see an avatar wearing the shirt).

It’ll be rainbowing for a limited time, so check it out before I build the next park, which realistically might be in a month. Depends on how long it takes to build that thing. I’ll give you a little warning before the rainbow fades away.

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