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New Weird Al collection coming

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Weird Al Yankovic and will flick your ear if you ever pronounce it “YankoVICH”, so I’ve gotta announce it to the world that he’s coming out with another collection of his best stuff. And by saying “best”, I MADE ABSOLUTELY SURE that “Dare To Be Stupid”, “Hardware Store” and “Albuquerque” were on there before saying that. They did a GREAT job of choosing the absolute best on this TWO-DISC SET.

If you don’t already have all his CDs and you’d rather just spend $12.99, this is THE CD to pre-order. It comes out October 26th and can be summoned HERE or by clicking on Al’s right nostril.

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UP is now on DVD

Just to let everybody know, Disney’s UP is now available on DVD & Blu-Ray(in North America)! I really liked this movie and I plan on showing it to my mom immediately. Hopefully I can find a movie rental place that has the 2-disc version(not Redbox, as much as I like them). I wish I had a Blu-Ray player, though, because the Blu-Ray version has a LOT more special features. As of this writing, it only costs US$20 on! SAME AS THE 2-DISC DVD! Yes, let me run out and drop over $100 on either a Blu-Ray player or a drive for my computer(tempting). Hopefully the Blu-Ray extras can be found on YouTube soon.

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The Muppets do Bohemian Rhapsody

I couldn’t believe that the Muppets actually did Bohemian Rhapsody, considering it’s a song about a murder, but they pulled it off spectacularly in their typical Muppet fashion. You know right from the start that it will be silly when you see chickens. They also did it justice, and with respect to the original. Before I show you the Muppet version, please acquaint yourself with the original version to properly enjoy the Muppets version:

Nice, huh? Now, feast your eyes and ears on the Muppet version. I love Animal’s part!

I hope this has made your hectic Friday totally awesome. Queen’s video is available on their “Greatest Hits 1″ DVD, with lots of cool features.

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Christmas presents!

So far, I’ve gotten a Yakko bendable figurine and a mix CD of various Christmas songs from one friend. Now’s your chance to give me a Christmas or birthday(Jan 6) present too, if you so choose. How? Oh, I can think of a few ways…

  • Also, there are the ads around the page. Use a faster shipping method to ensure it gets to you before Christmas. If you have get-togethers after Christmas like I do, there might still be time to use super-saver shipping. These affiliate links help support the comic.

  • Same with the Project Wonderful ads. If you want to advertise something good, you’re welcome to bid for the advertising space by clicking the link below the ad. All proceeds from the advertising space are used to promote the comic even more. I plan on putting out more ads than usual in January.

  • Speaking of promoting the site, that’s another gift I’d highly appreciate! You can use the Share button underneath a comic to promote it on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, you can mention the Kenny Chronicles on Twitter or Facebook, or get even more creative! I’ve gotten visits thanks to Kenny Chronicles pages being made on TV Tropes and WikiFur. What other sites do I need a presence on? Either make an entry on that site, or let me know if I need to have an official entry somewhere. I’m already on Belfry comics and the sites listed underneath my Twitter widget.

  • On Second Life? Kenny Panache will gladly accept gifts of Linden dollars, fun objects, useful scripts(I enjoy building stuff) or cool landmarks(my profile picks show where I frequent already). I already have lots of the common freebies, but I’m still building my inventory.

  • Also, fan art makes for a nice gift this time of year!

What songs represent Kenny Chronicles?

I’ve added an Amazon MP3 widget to the sidebar and am having trouble thinking of songs/artists to put in there. I’m thinking music that Kenny would listen to in a dance club while flinging glow sticks all about. Also, funny music. I do have Weird Al on there, but he seems way too obvious. The only Weird Al I’ll feature is his latest albums, in case people are unaware of it. I don’t listen to much music, and when I do, the DJ isn’t saying who or what it was I just listened to. That makes this choosing process difficult.

So; fast, energetic, happy, maybe funny. English optional. I found Leone Di Lernia(Italian) on Amazon, but I don’t recognize any of the songs that were listed. I also found “Chicken Techno“, which is dance music that features clucks and crowing. It sounds good. Especially as an alarm clock(yes, an alarm cluck). Lastly, I also have “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. I’m sure some are tired of its constant airplay, but I like it. It helps that I don’t listen to the teenager radio station very often.

Who/what else should I consider for the widget?

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