What songs represent Kenny Chronicles?

I’ve added an Amazon MP3 widget to the sidebar and am having trouble thinking of songs/artists to put in there. I’m thinking music that Kenny would listen to in a dance club while flinging glow sticks all about. Also, funny music. I do have Weird Al on there, but he seems way too obvious. The only Weird Al I’ll feature is his latest albums, in case people are unaware of it. I don’t listen to much music, and when I do, the DJ isn’t saying who or what it was I just listened to. That makes this choosing process difficult.

So; fast, energetic, happy, maybe funny. English optional. I found Leone Di Lernia(Italian) on Amazon, but I don’t recognize any of the songs that were listed. I also found “Chicken Techno“, which is dance music that features clucks and crowing. It sounds good. Especially as an alarm clock(yes, an alarm cluck). Lastly, I also have “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. I’m sure some are tired of its constant airplay, but I like it. It helps that I don’t listen to the teenager radio station very often.

Who/what else should I consider for the widget?

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  1. Shadow says:

    I dunno. Do you (and Kenny, I guess) like hardstyle? If so, then definitely the Teequee remix of Popcorn. S’cool, and funny too. And it’s got a great beat.

    *Edit: I just checked, and apparently Amazon doesn’t have that particular song. Oh well. There’s not much in the club-glowsticks department worth mentioning, besides maybe some of the happy hardcore stuff. However, if you want funny music in general, I suggest looking at some of Johnathan Coulton’s music. He’s hilarious.

    • Heh, I was looking for it on Amazon as you were editing that. I wish I knew what different genres sound like, because I really don’t know the difference between techno, industrial, funk and hardstyle. In fact, I’ve never heard of hardstyle until now. However, I did find one Teequee song on Amazon(“The summer is coming 2007 “). Didn’t particularly like that particular clip enough to add it, but if that’s hardstyle, that style works.
      I did, however, add a Crazy Frog version of Popcorn, as well as Crazy Frog’s rendition of Axel F.