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Today starts a new feature on the Kenny Chronicles: Link of the week. Every Friday from now until whenever, I’ll be linking to a comic that I follow. I’ll be going in nearly alphabetical order, and I will only link to comics that update at least once a week. There will be a few exceptions, since I’m making my own rules.

Today will be an exception to a couple rules. Today I’d like to point your attention to Comicraft, who are TODAY ONLY(all time zones) selling all their fonts for US$20.10 each in celebration of the new year. Even one that is normally US$395! The font I use in my comic was bought in last year’s New Years sale for $20.09 and is named “¡Los Vampiros!”. I bought the International version that is normally $99. Seriously, choose the International font if you use this sale, it costs the same and has ALL the accent marks and upside-down punctuation you could ever need. Comicraft has a LOT of great fonts for every purpose. For more information on the sale, click here.

And, I can’t mention Comicraft without mentioning Blambot, another font provider for cartoonists and illustrators. They have a wide variety of free fonts every day(generally without international letters), and their pay fonts are usually $US20. Most webcartoonists get their fonts here.

If you want to be more unique(some fonts get over-used, after all), I recommend Comicraft‘s sale. If you want a good font for free or when Comicraft isn’t doing their January 1st sale, I recommend Blambot.

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