I just realized that Jim Davis killed Funky Skunk

In tweaking the New Readers page(link at the top), I had to find a good spot to suggest people to start at, because I don’t want to recommend new readers to read through the failed experiment that was Doggone Dailies 2008(Colored lines on black, all done in 1 day). Well, I chose to start it just before Kenny & Funky’s rivalry starts. This is where the story really starts. There weren’t any storylines before this that affect the overall story, and nobody’s first comics are ever their greatest(unless they were a 1-hit wonder). So, I skipped over all the one-shot gags and started it on page 6 of the archives(and changed the archive pages to show 11 comics per page so it would start on a good comic). This is when I realized that the comic that guided the overall story in the direction it went… was inspired by a Garfield comic, where Jon mentioned his cousin Kenny.

Spoilers below, if you haven’t read the archive yet(oh, and above, when I say that Funky dies):
See, this comic led the story where Kenny meets Yay Fox. Soon after, Funky covertly records Kenny and Yay having sex in a dumpster. Kenny & Funky are enemies ever since that moment. Eventually, Kenny gets fed up with Funky and tries to kill him, but should have read “Murder For Dummies” first. This opened up a perfect chance for me to kill off Funky, make it OBVIOUS to characters that it was Kenny(even though it was a feral cat combined with Funky’s bad judgement), and for Kenny to inherit a cool robot with a… Funky history.

All this started with a parody of a Garfield comic.

Sure, I had always intended on Funky being the antagonist, but I had no idea if he would ever die in-comic until the story went there. If you want to see what I’m talking about, click here for the comics I believe new readers should start on.

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