Fireworks at Kennyland

Fireworks in Second Life There will be a fireworks show in Second Life today! Well, there will be many, but there will also be one at Kennyland, the official virtual theme park of Kenny Chronicles!

In front, you can find a bbq grill that gives hamburgers, a box that gives sparklers, and a cart that gives ice cream cones, all free! On the dancing deck, there’s a cannon that shoots beach ball cannonballs, and there are 2 small fireworks shooters on either side of the swimming pool aimed at each other. After Independence Day, the firework launchers, sparklers and hamburgers will go away. I’ll try to find reasons to bring the grill out more often, though. It may stick around an extra day.

If you have Second Life, come join us at 6pm Second Life time(that’s 8pm CST) for a fireworks show with a nuclear finale.

Click here to teleport in or to get Second Life!

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