Comic will be later than usual today

I hate to do this, but today’s comic will be up this evening. My sleep pattern is messed up enough already, and I currently have sketching, inking and coloring left to do. The backgrounds have been rendered and laid out. Thankfully, today’s one of my days off, so I’ll get back to this as soon as I fully wake up. I think I stayed on Second Life way too long, but at least I got in some good chatting about the future of Kennyland and got some research done for it. I have exciting plans for it. I just need to find the time to work on that AND the comic.

So that I don’t leave you with nothing, here’s a wireframe view of my Kenny avatar with a lemur tail. I don’t think the wireframe view in Second Life saves resources at all.

Wireframe view of Kenny, with a lemur tail

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