Ghost Town

I’m scrapping this comic. Instead, I’m taking some more time to build Ook Island. Also, I came up with a better comic. This one is just too depressing.

The “Ghost” part of that title isn’t referring to Kenny and Death, I just spent way too long on the town and I had to ask myself, “Is it worth it to finish this right now?”. No, no it’s not. I figure I have 2-3 hours worth of work remaining and it’s 7am.
I’d spend less time on the town, but they’re going to be spending a lot of time there. I had to find out how far apart docks should be, living nowhere near water. I still don’t know what some of these visible buildings are. There’s already a business district, but I guess the windows in the first panel belong to more businesses. Maybe offices, maybe a bait shop, maybe boat supplies, maybe a Furby store. A lot of the time spent was on houses that aren’t in this comic. I was going to change the entire house arrangement, but found a suitable minor edit.

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  1. Tbolt says:

    They will be spending a lot of time here?

    Looking forward to the exploration! =^^=