Give me a little more time for the next comic

I’m seriously still not happy with Ook Island’s design. I’m going to work on it a little longer, making the next actual comic either Thursday or Monday. This design is nothing like I originally planned, but with a few tweaks, I can merge my original idea with the “scientifically practical” idea I actually used. Oh, and the in-progress comic I posted yesterday? I’m scrapping it completely. I was too sleepy from building the island. I missed a plot point at the beginning, and mistakenly thought I had no room for Kenny’s quip at the end. I’ve since come up with a better comic, but I must first get the island looking how it’s supposed to look.
(3-4 paragraphs & 2 hours worth of typing & editing deleted here because I rambled, and eventually replaced it with that “scientifically practical” statement above. What needs explained will be explained in-comic.)

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