We might actually have the technology to pull images from memory before Kenny’s time.

Scientists at UC Berkeley have found a way to basically see what you are seeing via an fMRI machine. The images are lousy right now, but it’s promising what can be accomplished with more computing power and a larger library of videos to compare scans with. They looked at the blood flow in some colleagues’ visual cortexes while they watched a lot of YouTube videos & built a library of what videos cause what kinds of blood flow. When the subjects watched some Hollywood trailers afterward, the blood flow was analyzed and elements of videos that caused the same reactions were composited to form a reconstruction of what was seen. You can clearly tell when they saw a person in the video and where there was movement. I’m excited to find out what the limits of this is, because it certainly seems like with more research and computer power, they will be able to recreate dreams in stunning resolution.
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Reconstructions from brain activity: 3 subjects

Watch this video on YouTube.

So, I guess this technology will be built into the collars on my characters already, considering the comic is set 118 years in the future. Sure, today’s method requires a huge machine with a strong magnet(no ferromagnetic items like necklaces or collars can be worn while in it), but like I said, in Kenny Chronicles, the technology will have advanced 118 years.

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