Back To That One Mugger

Back To That One Mugger

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     Posted: September 30th, 2010
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He actually was a menacing mugger before Death beat his entire gang up. I think he should take some sick days from his dishonest job.

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  1. Draco Blair says:

    The mugger’s face in the second panel is one of your best drawn faces ever

  2. Marrock says:


    C’mon, she had a spork for crying out loud, that’s about as far from defenseless as you can get!

  3. Salamander says:

    He looks even more pathetic if you notice he has what looks like a popstick for a splint on his ear.

  4. Zir says:

    Didn’t he get one of his eyes gouged out during the fight? Or are we to assume that he has a glass eye now?