The Moral Of The Gory

The Moral Of The Gory

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     Posted: September 27th, 2010
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She had in fact used the spork as a distraction device in one of those strips.

Okay, so new strip size. No, I’m not increasing the frequency of the strips just yet. I’m going to see how much time I can save(and sleep I can recover) by using a standard strip size. If I can save enough time, I’d like to increase this to 3 strips a week BUT NO PROMISES and certainly not before the end of this year(December’s always busy). Last week’s strips actually took the same time per strip as my double-row comics, but there was also a lot of action, extra shading, and some designing of one-shot characters(took way to long to decide the species), so it’s possible I could save a fair amount of time. Time that I need for other creative projects I’d love to share here(*ahem* and on YouTube) but haven’t had the time to work on.

So far I’m liking this new size. The main thing I notice is… that empty template doesn’t look quite so scary now! AWESOME! One of my slow-downs was procrastination due to the huge block of work ahead of me. I look forward to smaller chunks.The other thing I’m noticing is that the whole strip fits on the screen. That can be a nice advantage from a reader’s perspective.

The biggest drawback of the double-row format was that I do a comic all in one shot, so that’s a huge chunk to do in one sitting(8 hours, no lunch break, I’m my own worst boss). Several strips actually could’ve been split into 2 comics anyway. There have been comics that demanded a larger size, but I think it’s best to do a double-row comic only if it’s called for.

I seriously hope I can save a significant amount of time and start waking up in the morning again.

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  1. Zir says:

    What is the sawbones puting on Kenney’s arm? It looks like a high-tech mustard-plaster!