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     Posted: September 24th, 2010
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If you got here searching for “How to use a spork as a lethal weapon”, you can read all 5 comics here. Seriously, I went searching for that, and apparently I thought up more ways than the internet did(I didn’t use all my ideas, like gagging somebody or anything involving breaking the spork), even when searching for using a spoon as a weapon, as well. Basically you have a stabbing device.

Two things I didn’t consider were a catapult and breaking off the 2 middle tines to make it Batman. If she had anything deadly enough to launch, it would’ve been an eye irritant, which was already trumped by the more direct approach. And Batman, yeah, he’s a pretty dangerous weapon on his own, but I had to pass.

And now to end this spork-packed week, I give you the Dramatic Spork:

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  1. osvaldo says:

    me gusta el nuevo formato de kennychronicles porque es más seguido

  2. tbolt says:

    Hee, hee, yes, definitely an “All of the above” type answer! =^^=