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So, judging by the zero response to the theme park post yesterday, I’ll just assume that people took my word for it that the theme park is happening. Now that it’s after April Fools’ Day, you can know for sure that this is the truth. I don’t know if anybody teleported to it, I don’t even have a feedback box set up on the property.
There’s not much to look at yet. I really hoped for an April 1st opening day, especially since I’ve been planning this since December. It seemed a good day to unveil something that’s initially unbelievable(plus, the whole 2nd anniversary of the comic thing). Unfortunately, most of the months were spent finding out what I can’t do in the Second Life virtual world. My initial plans had heavy use of springboards, but when I started testing, they never worked for other people. Turns out, many regions don’t allow objects to push avatars around, although they’ll work on the object’s owner. Bummer.

Eventually, I came up with the attractions listed in the ad. Those are the actual attractions currently. The comic trail will be like a roller coaster, but since roller coasters in Second Life often slow the entire region down, and aren’t all that thrilling in a virtual environment anyway, I opted for a runner-coaster. I actually ran on a roller coaster’s track in one region, and it still played the sound effects. THAT was fun. I’m a roller coaster, wheeee!!! This runner coaster will have comic panels telling the story of Kenny’s and Funky’s rivalry. Due to time, and space, I focus on the end, right with their big fight. I think this will be a rather innovative way of presenting comics. Plus, Funky’s robot is fully-rendered in 3D and is smacking at you(one of the few finished items currently there). Getting the comic panels inserted is the next thing on my list, as they’re crucial to the ride.

There will be a dodgeball room with one of the dodgeball comics on the wall. Currently, they’re beach balls. Because that’s what I have. Considering I had a springboard tester who simply came because they saw a beach ball, I believe at least one beach ball will stay for visual interest. Hopefully I can get some dodgeballs launching around at the visitor. Just outside the door will be Badgerkun bandages for sale.

The only finished attraction at the moment is the display of the latest comic in English and Spanish. I hope this will raise the awareness of the comic by being visible to passers-by. People can also watch my favorite YouTube videos, updated every time I hit “favorite” on a video. People are excited about YouTube finally being able to be viewed in Second Life. The comic and YouTube video are only visible to people with the new Viewer 2.o, otherwise I have it set as invisible. Eventually I’ll texture a message for people who have other viewers or have media turned off.

My goal for the rides is not to make imitations of real-world rides, but rather to make attractions as if theme parks originated on Second Life. I’ve ridden recreations of certain rides in Second Life(had to do my research), and they’re downright boring in a virtual setting. I’m working on re-thinking what a theme park should be on Second Life, focusing on things you can only do in the safety of a virtual environment, like dropping the guest 100 meters, putting them in the middle of several moving objects, overriding body movements for comical effect, etc. I’m really interested in seeing what possibilities there are with this. I have a park. Now I get to find ways to theme it.

I’ll have more updates as stuff happens at the park(grand opening is April 7th!), and videos will hopefully be soon. If you’re on Second Life, you can now visit and join the Kennyland news updates group to get those updates within Second Life.

Haven’t visited yet? Here’s a link to teleport into Kennyland on Second Life.

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