Friday Feature: Evil Inc.

You can do more evil if it’s legal.

That’s the tag line for Evil Inc, drawn by the ever-busy Brad Guigar. It’s centered around a company made by, and for, villains. They sell all sorts of tools for mad scientists, power-hungry maniacs and strange abominations. Miss Match, who can create and control fire, was one of their top employees until she was fired.

On the hero side is Captain Heroic, who can fly, has super strength, and near invulnerability. He is also married to Miss Match and is the reason she got fired. The couple still hasn’t told their families about their spouses. Their son, Oscar, recently started going to the Evil Inc Charter School after his powers were becoming… problems at the public school.

The comic mostly deals with the goings-on within the company, which can get pretty bizarre due to the high concentration of supervillains. One of the evil scientists is a brain in a jar, which is connected to a dog’s head so he can get around and do stuff.

I first got into Evil Inc because Brad Guigar is one of the hosts of Webcomics Weekly, a show filled with tips for web cartoonists and is VERY funny. Brad has the best laugh ever. It’s a must-listen for any cartoonist, especially if you’re putting it online. It’s not weekly anymore, but that’s mostly because they’re all very busy with conventions and their comics, and they’ve already covered most of the big questions. The latest few are mostly fun webcomic discussion. If you want tips for your own comic, start at the beginning and ignore their initial opinions of Twitter(it was still new). You’ll laugh your head off AND write down a lot of notes. The first 38 episodes are located on Talkshoe. They also wrote the book “How To Make Webcomics“, which I own and attribute a lot of my webcomic know-how to. I have a friend considering starting a webcomic, and I still need to let him borrow that book.

They still do occasional episodes, but now that they’ve covered all the newbie stuff, Brad’s teaching concentration is, which offers detailed articles for cartoonists who are way past the beginner stage. It’s a pay-yearly site, but it looks very much worth the money if you’re selling books and showing at conventions. One of the contributers is the business guy for Penny Arcade, who is a genius.

But back to Evil Inc., it’s Monday-Saturday, full-color(he has an awesome colorist), often uses witty puns, and the art is on par with the best superhero comics. You can find it at

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  1. Dave Omer says:

    Good summary! Hey, if you’re looking for more info on all those old ‘beginner’ podcasts, I’ve got an index I’ve thrown together. You can check it out here.

    • That looks like a helpful resource! I’ve sometimes wondered what episode certain things were on. I’m bookmarking that page for the next time I wonder which episode something was on. Thanks.