Kennyland Grand Opening

So now you can enjoy the comic coaster or kick some dodgeballs around(or get hit by that one rogue ball). There are a few comics up there, including the panels along the comic coaster(a.k.a. “Comic Trail” or “Runner Coaster”). If you have Second Life 2.0, the latest comic is visible on the stage.

Coming soon will be virtual merchandise, a more fully-textured dodgeball area, and sound effects! Videos are still on their way. I want to get the theme park more finished before I record. I now have a tips booth, in the style of a ticket booth. The suggested tip equals around 10 cents(US). Also, the grand sign is in front now! I decided it would be most visible at ground level.

If you look at the top bar of, you’ll also see a link called “Theme Park”. That’ll make it easier to find the link to teleport there. Speaking of that, you can teleport also by clicking here! Requires the Second Life program, a Second Life account, a fast computer and broadband internet. This is why I’m also making sure to have videos soon.

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