Star Trek: The Wrath Of Lens Flare


Finally saw the new Star Trek movie last night and was totally blown away by it. They even threw in plenty of references to the Original Series that got a good laugh from many. Ah, Chekov, you’ll never pronounce “vessel” correctly.
I wore my Star Trek pin, too!
I created 2 comics(here and here) in reference to the overuse of lens flares, and I couldn’t resist using them one last time in this photo totally intended to just show what I wore to the theater.
Oh, speaking of the theater… it’s been maybe 2 years since I’ve been to a theater(5th Harry Potter movie). Prices went up($7.50 before, $9 now), they now accept credit cards, nobody takes the ticket, and they’ve replaced the huge malfunctioning tv with a small flat panel at about the same distance.

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