Btw, I’m on Twitter

In an effort to up my social network visibility, I’d like to remind people about my Twitter account. You can find it at On it, you can get updates on my comics, blog postings(like this one), why my comic is late, statuses on my late comics(They often get done at 6am on the update day), how I’m liking Linux, if I got Windows 7 installed yet(almost out of beta), movies I’m liking or hating, geeky geekness, and more! I try to only post interesting things. I will never post any TMI postings, like a certain kind mentioned in Penny Arcade.

I currently have 40 followers. I think I’ll aim high and hope for 50 followers by the end of the week.

And, if you’re on FurAffinity, I also post my comics there. You can see my userpage here. FurAffinity is a huge community of artists and fanatics with a strong focus on cartoon animals. They’ve been a great community to post comics on. I currently have 49 watchers on there, and hope for 1000 by the end of…. sometime. Two great examples of the art on there are by Kipper and Swiftcutter.

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