Future’s So Bright…

Future’s So Bright…

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     Posted: May 11th, 2009
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This is what my icon will look like when I comment

…ya gotta wear shades.

Hey, seen the new Star Trek movie by the way? *ahem* Somebody likes lense flares on that production team.

(no, I haven’t seen the movie yet)

(Broken image has been fixed. It was showing for me, but ONLY me!)

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  1. Winnie says:

    Nice title! I can’t imagine what it must have looked like before the “broken image” – are you talking about how the frame is split? That was a pretty cool device, if so. If not, I’m just going to take my artistically ignorant self to your newest panel.

    • Actually, the comic simply wasn’t showing up for anybody… except me. Turns out, the redesigned site that I’m still designing supports apostrophes in filenames but not the theme I’m currently using.

  2. George says:

    I love lens flares. Good comic! I must admit, I did miss this one the first go round due to the strip not showing up. I thought it was my computer’s fault at the time.