All Drugged Up For The 100th Comic

All Drugged Up For The 100th Comic

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     Posted: March 12th, 2009
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Greetings, to the 100th Kenny Chronicles comic! Great things in the next few days. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my 13-hour comic, which I’ll be drawing TODAY! 13 pages drawn in 13 hours. I don’t know what it’ll be, and that’s one of the rules of an x-hour comic. Drawing, as well as scripting, all have to be done in that number of hours. As far as I can find, I’m the FIRST person to do a 13-hour comic for Friday the 13th. I’ll start it on the 12th, but finish it on the 13th. I’m doing it this way so people will actually read it ON the 13th. I hope I can do this more often.

Number 100 is a great accomplishment, but 106 is even MORE special, depending on who you ask. Comic #106 will mark ONE YEAR of Kenny Chronicles. You might consider this the comic’s real birthday, but enough people call it an anniversary that I think I can use “birthday” for #100. Really, the two dates are so close together it doesn’t matter much. So keep watch on April 2nd.

So today, Friday the 13th, and April 2nd. Woot!

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