Musical Episode

Musical Episode

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     Posted: March 9th, 2009
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I considered 99 Luftballoons, but the rum won out. So, why the focus on the number 99 on this fine day of March 9th, 2009? I won’t say. Instead, I’d like to turn your attention to the NEXT comic, which will be my 100th Kenny Chronicles comic! I have something exciting planned for that day, although I gotta admit it has nothing to do with the comic hitting 100. Instead, it has to do with Friday the 13th!
On Thursday, I’ll start work on a 13-hour comic book. The goal is to have 13 pages done in 13 hours. I’ll be finishing the comic on the morning of Friday the 13th so it can be posted that morning. At the moment, I plan on it going up in one post, even though I really should create some resemblance of a buffer. Considering how little time I set aside for my comic, it’s safe to say the 13-hour comic will not be translated into Spanish like the rest of my comics.
See you Thursday for my 100th comic!

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