Beggar Bugger

Beggar Bugger

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     Posted: March 16th, 2009
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I saw a beggar recently with a sign asking for a job. It seems like he’d have more luck looking in the classifieds than asking for a job on the street. Personally, I can’t spare money for beggars. I’m currently a fast food worker. Now, there are times when I can spare some FOOD, because I often take scraps home, but I’m only going to offer it if that’s what the beggar is asking for.
Probably the worst tactic with these guys, though, is begging at a street light. I’m all for helping others out, but when that light turns green, my charity goes to the people in the car behind me. If giving to one person steals time away from 4 people behind me, that doesn’t balance out. It really limits the beggar’s possible income.
When I can spare the money, the first place I’d donate to is the homeless shelter. I’ve had homeless friends, and I’ve come close to being homeless myself, so the homeless are first on my list. Not only would the shelter be an efficient use of the donation, I can use that as an excuse not to give beggars money!

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