Okay, so my source jumped the gun on the news that the bill had passed. It passed the SENATE, but not the House of Representatives. It got a majority vote, but 2/3 vote is required for that kind of  thing. To add to the confusion, that’s not the end of the story. This is what PC Magazine has to say: The bill is not dead, however. The House can still bring the bill up for a vote the typical way, which allows for lengthier debate, the addition of amendments, and a majority rules vote, but that has not yet been scheduled.”

So, let’s just say it’s still on for February 17th, even if there’s still a chance for passing. Both ways have their benefits, but Feb 17th was the promised end to all these “ARE YOU READY????” commercials. Our local news has run it into the ground so much that I’m convinced they’re just playing the same video every day.

(EDIT: *sigh* read next entry, it passed)

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