Okay NOW the DTV transition is officially delayed

Just read this article saying that the delay is finally official. June 12th WILL be the new deadline for the digital tv transition. Nuts, I was hoping it would be overturned. Sure, plenty of people are still waiting for their coupons, and you can’t use the coupon AFTER you’ve bought the converter box, but I was also eager to stop hearing about the transition. I guess we’ll just have to weather 4 more months of the constant “are you ready” questions on tv. I’ve been ready since last summer. Let’s go! I hope the ditching of analog will provide more power to the digital broadcast, because we get horrible digital reception.

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  1. jjj754 says:

    Honestly, I think those coverter boxes are junk. I got jack/squat for digital reception when I got mine, but when I got my new TV, I got awesome reception using the same rabbit ears. It’s a government conspiracy to get people to buy more televisions.