Digital TV transition DELAYED to June 12th!

Are you ready for the digital transition? Ready or not, the groundhog at engadget says we’ll have 4 more months of those repetitious commercials. They linked to a local ABC station as a source. [UPDATE: Apparently I was notified too early. It didn’t pass all the way. Read next blog for those details.]
[UPDATE2: Ignore the next entry, as it’s been mauled by the entry following IT! We’ll continue to get analog through June 12th, although some areas might choose to go ahead with the Feb 17th date anyway.]

I’m happy to say that I’ve been ready for the transition since mid-2008. We have 2 converter boxes and horrible reception on all stations. PBS has near-perfect reception, and I really like their new Create channel. On Sunday, I tried the stations again and got perfect reception on all stations, but today, only the analog stations busted through the sleet, and PBS.

For my first reaction to DTV, here’s what I recorded on July 29th…


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