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Video of Lardy Jr.’s commercial

Drawn and voiced by yours truly.

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A thrilling Halloween post

First off, if you read yesterday’s comic yesterday, I’ve added some awesome pumpkins beside it since then.
Second, here’s a funny video that’s perfect for Halloween. I’ll call it a “subtitle parody”, because my calculator ain’t got no bow.

Click here to go to the video’s page.
If you liked that video, I recommend checking out that user’s other videos.

Real-life mermaid!

A New Zealand double-amputee has had a mermaid tail made for her in place of her legs. Really neat! And yes, she has prosthetic legs for land as well.

link to video

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It was time to update the blog section, and it might as well be this which you can’t stop.
The header image was also in desperate need of updating. Current Kenny, current font, update schedule once again visible.

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Bed Rock comic – THE VIDEO!

Yesterday’s comic just begged to have audio attached to it, so instead of a link of the week, I’m changing the name to “Friday Feature” and presenting to you the YouTube version of the Bed Rock comic.

View on YouTube

Julie Bunny Must Die!

Julie Bunny Must DieLast Saturday I went to see the hilarious play “Julie Bunny Must Die”, about a cartoonist who’s getting pulled in all directions by his job, his girlfriend, and his comic about a bunny who happens to be an international spy. There are lots of pop culture, internet culture, and furry culture jokes in it. Chef Albertson attacks Julie Bunny with a Slap Chop! Now THAT’S comedy.

The play will continue through Jan. 16th, and is showing at the Vandivort theater in Springfield, MO. Go see it if you’re in the area, or even if you’re not, like me. I really hope this play makes it big. For tickets and info, visit
They encouraged photos and video, and I happened to have an iPhone 3GS on hand, so here are some videos of my favorite songs from the play…

If no videos are visible, click the title of this post to go to the webpage.

Julie Bunny Must Die comics

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Chip and Dale’s real voices

Chip and Dale actually had 2 sets of actors voice them in the short “Two Chips And A Miss”. The singing voices were done by two ladies, I guess so they don’t have to distort the voices as much. Or maybe the speaking actors weren’t good singers? Here’s the two chipmunks singing at their non-sped-up speed:

Here’s a longer recording of later in the short, mostly featuring a third chipmunk, a lady singing on stage. Here, you can hear the male speaking voices at their pre-sped-up speed. Basically sounds normal, considering how fast those two characters speak.

At the end, the two try to kiss the girl, to which she ducks, and I just had to make an icon of this comedic shot which you can use wherever you want:
Chip and Dale kissing in Two Chips And A Miss 200x200px

Chip and Dale kissing in Two Chips And A Miss 100x100px

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Paul Zerdin, everybody

It’s all hilarious, but at 2 minutes and 35 seconds, pay extra close attention to the dummy’s face when he says what else he is.

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Here, have a 4-leaf clover for the day after St. Patrick’s Day

Discovered this yesterday when Eddie Pittman shared it on the blog of his webcomic, “Red’s Planet“. It’s the story reel of an unproduced short film he had a part in.

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“Why won’t this guy play fetch with me?!”

Very funny dog! Really determined too…[ORIGINAL]

Watch this video on YouTube.

I hope the sculptor sees this. He/she’d be flattered.

Also, I’m trying a plugin for YouTube embedding. After sharing several videos on this site, I realized I needed to streamline the process and fix a few issues I had with plain embedding. WP YouTube Lyte loads an image placeholder of the video which is compatible with rss feeds(I was customizing the code each time to work with them), doesn’t interfere with the Wibiya toolbar(videos covered the bar even when not playing), and simply loads faster. If the video isn’t watched, Flash is never loaded. People with slow computers can rejoice.

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This looks like a good movie

Green With Envy – Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.

I found this right after today’s post went up, and next Friday’s post was already booked, so I’m just making today a double-post day because this can’t wait. I figured I’d schedule this for mid-day just to space things out a little & get the Twitter post out when people are actually awake.

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