Chip and Dale’s real voices

Chip and Dale actually had 2 sets of actors voice them in the short “Two Chips And A Miss”. The singing voices were done by two ladies, I guess so they don’t have to distort the voices as much. Or maybe the speaking actors weren’t good singers? Here’s the two chipmunks singing at their non-sped-up speed:

Here’s a longer recording of later in the short, mostly featuring a third chipmunk, a lady singing on stage. Here, you can hear the male speaking voices at their pre-sped-up speed. Basically sounds normal, considering how fast those two characters speak.

At the end, the two try to kiss the girl, to which she ducks, and I just had to make an icon of this comedic shot which you can use wherever you want:
Chip and Dale kissing in Two Chips And A Miss 200x200px

Chip and Dale kissing in Two Chips And A Miss 100x100px

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