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It’s a sign! Happy Friday the 13th.

Happy Friday The 13th

I figured I’d do something for Friday The 13th, so here’s a festive sign in Kennyland! Also I turned the bottom of the swimming pool red.

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New ride at Kennyland! And pins!

Ride the soup!!!
This ride is inspired by that one comic where Kenny was eating lemming soup. Kenny’s closest friends are also herbivores, so add in soups for their species and bam, you get a ride similar to the spinning teacups ride in the Disney theme parks.
It’s especially fun when you enter mouselook mode.

With this ride comes another feature: Collectible lapel pins! There are 3 so far.
1. Ride the soup for 5 minutes and a pin icon pops up that you can click on to receive it. The icon stays up for 1 minute and shows up again every 5 minutes. This is the pin of Kenny’s lemming girlfriend, Death.
2. The freebie cart now has a pin of Rufus, Kenny’s kangaroo friend. If you’re a member of the group, this was sent to you.
3. If you pay the tips booth any amount, you receive a Fuego Hare pin. I figured this would be appropriate since Fuego’s the one in the booth. If you don’t have any L$ in your account, that’s fine, you can request a pin by IMing Kenny Panache.

I have even more plans waiting in the wings. For instance, that picture of a ferris wheel in the background is just the start of a collaboration I’m in.

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Bloody bandages for Second Life avatars now for sale!

Bloody bandages for Second Life
I’ve finally gotten these bloody bandages up on Second Life! Click on the image to buy them from the Second Life Marketplace. I also have these in a twin-pack with the non-bloody bandages. The price basically equals a U.S. quarter.

These bandages are worn on your avatar as either a shirt, undershirt, and/or gloves so you can mix/match however you like.

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Kennyland has gotten icier!

Kennyland has frozen over
The swimming pool at Kennyland has now frozen over. I knew that heater wouldn’t last forever. ACME only gives a 2-second warranty on any of their products.
I don’t know why the program added a lense flare. I never ordered a lense flare.
Got Second Life? You can click on the picture to visit Kennyland in all its glory. Watch out for deep snow around the Christmas tree in the back yard.

Also, just a reminder that I’m taking Thursdays off from the comic this month.

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