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     Posted: May 26th, 2011
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This is what my icon will look like when I comment

Can you identify what type of lemur that second character is?

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  1. LordWorpeltinger says:

    Why do I think the Captain’s name is Jean Luc.

    and to answer the question, an Aye-aye which is like the Chinese Crested of Lemurs

    • I could say nay to thine first line and aye to thine second, but that would make me sound behind the times.
      *Takes the lemur to a dog show and scares all the pampered pooches away*

      • LordWorpeltinger says:

        It’s just that Jean Luc Picard was the one famous for the line ‘Make it so” on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

        • I have considered having another captain show up in one or two comics whose last name is Picard(or Kirk, or Janeway) & first name something completely different(and I may still do that sometime), since I’m a Trekkie, but this captain’s name is Cody Bonaparte. I haven’t really established his name in the comic, besides tagging his comics with “Captain Cody”.