A recap of my vacation

A recap of my vacation

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     Posted: May 23rd, 2011
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That raccoon tried to steal the entire crate of Cheetos. I am NOT kidding.

But yeah, I started on an actual comic, but I’ve been awake for nearly 24 hours now because of a 5-hour drive home from a vacation, which was interrupted by a tornado tearing up a huge strip of residential & business area in between my house and my workplace, and I’ve been keeping up with what all was destroyed. I don’t know how many friends were affected or how much. I know one family that lost their house & there are some friends I don’t have ANY news on. Facebook is handy during these kinds of disasters.

If we had left an hour later, we would have hit that tornado on the interstate highway. If we had left that evening, we would have hit a tornado approaching the campground we were at. I don’t know if the other tornado actually hit the campground, but it came within a county of it for sure.

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  1. Tbolt says:

    Wow, that is incredible! Do what you need to do! May you and yours be safe…

  2. JA_of_MN says:

    The worst that happens here is wind, snow, wind, lightning, or the sky turning red or yellow.