@TheFakeDeath fought with Chuck Norris!

If you’re not following @TheFakeDeath on Twitter, you should. It’s a goofy take on Death’s character, free from any canon constraints. She’s also been following various other fake accounts and retweeting them occasionally(@God_Damn_Batman is awesome). There are way too many My Little Pony accounts on her follow list. Rainbow Dash, you talk too much!
Yesterday, Death did some bold things. Foolish for most people, really. She… picked a fight with Chuck Norris! Here’s the transcript from Twitter:

Apr 26, 11:30am
Chuck Norris, I’m calling you out. Yeah, you heard me.

Apr 26, 12:05pm
“Chuck Norris”? What kind of name is that, anyway? Chuck= Charlie Brown’s nickname. Norris= that custodian’s cat in Harry Potter. Meh.

Apr 26, 12:30pm
Chuck Norris, I “meh” in your general direction.

Apr 26, 1:30pm
Mr. Norris! Chucky! I challenge you to a duct tape dual. Meet me at The Islands.

Apr 26, 3:00pm
Who slammed the revolving door? Oh, it’s you, Chuck Norris. Why the popped collar?

Apr 26, 4:00pm
JUST GOT INTO A FIGHT WITH CHUCK NORRIS AND LOST. Chuck and I won the fight against the cast of Lost, then we took all their money.

Apr 26, 5:00pm
Playing shuffleboard with Chuck Norris, shooting the breeze. Wait, no, that sound was Chuck roundhouse kicking the breeze.


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