My Little Pony: Polkarama!

“The Weird Al / My Little Pony mashup that the world has been waiting for” –Weird Al’s tweet on Tuesday.

It’s great that he embraces fan-made videos using his music, and this one is particularly great. I love the timing in this video! Well-done.

Oh, and the new My Little Pony series(the one seen in the above video) is actually watchable. I’ve watched maybe 7 episodes on YouTube already, and it’s definitely still aimed at little girls, but it still appeals to all demographics and the quality is there. I have no doubt that this series has a higher percentage of male fans than the previous incarnations. My favorite episodes have been Swarm Of The Century(“You’ve got a real problem, alright, and a BANJO is the ONLY ANSWER!”), Sonic Rainboom(Dude, a pony breaks the sound barrier!), and Bridle Gossip(good moral about judging a book by its cover).

On Wednesday morning, I decided to see what the old series looked like, and when I heard a clue in a game being, “…the opposite of front” and the ponies had to THINK about it…. ugh. The Friendship Is Magic ponies could answer that without pause and follow up with where southeast is. AND they’d make the answer INTERESTING! I’ve heard several times how much better the new series is, but I had no idea HOW much better it is. The character designs are toonier and great. The old designs look like aliens! Sure, they’re more pony-like, but they really weren’t close enough. The noses simply look deformed in the old cartoons.

Also, I found this fun little fan-made remix of a scene from the episode “Call Of The Cutie“:

And finally, it had to be done, here’s a double Rainbow Dash:

If you’d like to watch the series starting with the first episode, you can start here, but be warned that while it’s a good episode(it’s a two-parter, actually), all of the other episodes are much better. It’s basically setting everything up and introducing everybody. I was surprised at how quickly it went, but for pure entertainment, try the 3 episodes I linked to earlier in this post.
There are 2 people posting all of the episodes on YouTube. What I like about the person whose videos I’m linking to is that they have links to all of the episodes in the description of each video, so it’s easy to navigate. PLUS, at the end of the episode, a link to the next episode pops up as an annotation. Very convenient.

LOL! This makes the show instantly 20% cooler!

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  1. Salamander says:

    Everyone likes ponies!
    Its so weird, I thought it was not possible to like it, and then I started watching it a few weeks ago.
    Next thing I knew I had watched half of the episodes that were out at the time, and I have no idea why I didn’t start sooner.