Renting from Redbox? Help me out by using this referral link!

If you rent a movie from Redbox through the following link before March 17th, I’ll get a free night’s rental out of it. Surely you’d like to help a cartoonist out, right? Heh. If it’s your first time renting through their website, you get a free night’s rental out of it, as well. Not sure if the free night’s rental will give me one, though, but eh, just use my link the next time to be sure. If you rent through their website, you get your choice of kiosks to pick it up at and are guaranteed to find it at that kiosk once you’ve reserved it. They also have an iPhone app for this, although the affiliate link is for their website. The site and the app save a lot of driving.

CLICK HERE to help a cartoonist stay up-to-date with the latest movies by renting a movie for yourself.

(I might rent Megamind next. It looks interesting.)

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