Inception watched

Not really sure what to say about Inception. People entered dreams, dreams within dreams were dreamt, dreams within dreams within… Who’s that wrinkly guy, anyway?

The worst part: there was a smudge or scratch right around the “10 minutes left in the movie” spot. RAAAAAGH! I’m pretty sure that over half the DVDs I play have some issue with them. I’ve come to EXPECT skipping in DVD’s. 10 minutes to the end is a horrible spot for unbearable skipping. After 2 cleanings, we successfully finished the movie flawlessly.

Still had trouble following what was happening. One nit I have is; can’t we do pretty much anything we want in dreams? Why should bullets hurt people in the dream? Especially if you KNOW it’s a dream. I say they should have flown around and rode on porpoises. For being a dream world, they dreamt only stuff you can see in real life, with the exception of the town being folded over and a train barreling down the street. I was quite pleased to see the train, simply because it was finally looking like a dream! I find the idea of the projections being perturbed by changes to the dreamscape unbelievable. In a dream, you just accept that things are happening, not aware that anything is odd. I think that projected people would do the same.

One compliment I do have for it, though, is that it didn’t feel like 2 and a half hours. It actually felt shorter than the playing time, so it must have been somewhat interesting.

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