Site Tweaks

  • The “Least Likely Weapon” contest is now a page accessible from the links bar at the top of the website.
  • Newer, better-looking share buttons on both the English & Spanish sites.
  • The site now displays correctly on iPhones again! There was a recent change to the browser that broke my small-screen code. Thanks to Jerry Jones for alerting me to that. It sounds like it was within the past month that it broke. The fix I used should stay compatible for much longer.
  • The site now displays 99% correctly in Internet Explorer! IE still interprets pages too differently from other browsers. Every fix I made to display it correctly in IE broke something for other browsers. It’s now compatible enough. I didn’t know IE was spreading the share buttons across the entire comic title section(biggest problem, easiest fix). I don’t use IE. I prefer Google Chrome, & occasionally Firefox.
  • All site compatibility fixes were carried over to the Spanish site as well. Thankfully, the Spanish site grabs the same stylesheet file as the English site, so at least that part was automatic.
  • Kennyland page has been updated with a new picture & current info.

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