In 3D!

In 3D!

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     Posted: November 30th, 2009
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This is what my icon will look like when I comment

Trying something different while the comic is in half-hibernation. I think this 3D background took about the same time as my normal backgrounds, AND is re-usable!

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  1. zarpaulus says:

    I only worked in retail for 2 years and I know how Kenny feels there, it still bugs me when I go through a store and find stuff in the wrong section.

    By the way I see that you noticed the page I wrote on TvTropes.

    • Yeah, thanks for that! I’ve noticed 9 visits via TV Tropes in the past week. It feels really good to see that someone knows Kenny Chronicles that well. I didn’t notice the “Karmic Death” until I visited that page. Now I feel even better about the way I killed Funky. After checking all comics tagged “Funky”, I see that their rivalry DID INDEED begin and end in a dumpster. Cool!

      On seeing misplaced stuff in other stores, I have to tell myself, “It’s not my problem, Garrett. Just ignore it.” I once saw someone sticking an item behind some DVDs at Wal-Mart(where I DON’T work), and I really felt like slapping them. Not my problem. Not my problem.

  2. Tbolt says:

    Experimenting with a new background technique? Looks good, so far, If you can rotate it to different perspectives, even better! =^^=

  3. Cadc says:

    lol, I sometimes am guilty of that, not often though