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Vote for my shirt!

Dog Barker reminds you to spay or neuter your vets
I’ve submitted this t-shirt design to, but it needs YOUR VOTE to actually be printed. As soon as it gets enough good votes to be printed, I will be announcing it here. I COULD use Cafepress to sell it immediately, but if I can have it professionally screen printed then the quality(and VALUE) will be tons better.
Feel free to browse around in the meantime, this is an affiliate link :-p

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Need some fur or a tail for your Halloween costume?


I’ve put some really nice fur AND a home-made tail on the auction site FurBid. Here’s what you can get:

Over a square yard of brownish-gray faux wolf fur
A homemade 14″ wolf tail

All are in excellent condition! Just click the above links to go to the respective auction pages.

Auctions end on October 14th midday.

Watch this space for more auctions soon. I need to clean house.

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In 3D!
In 3D!
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     Posted: November 30th, 2009
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This is what my icon will look like when I comment

Trying something different while the comic is in half-hibernation. I think this 3D background took about the same time as my normal backgrounds, AND is re-usable!

Taking Kenny Shopping
Taking Kenny Shopping
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     Posted: July 19th, 2010
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This is what my icon will look like when I comment

Back in MY time, our bells only had ONE setting! And we liked it! Spoiled kids 117 years in the future…