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Kenny Chronicles is once again up-to-date with all the latest technology in webcomics. Some new things to notice:

  • You can embed a specific comic on your website/blog by copying the Embed code located to the right of a comic’s blog entry.
  • The ability to reply to a specific comment. Threaded comments are finally here.
  • New buttons above the comment box allow for some formatting of your comments without knowing html. Just highlight what you want bolded, and click the “B”.
  • I might start using the transcription feature to help out the search engine.
  • I might start using the storyline-grouping feature, too.
  • (added later) The archive pages are more useful. That extends to the tag/keyword pages.
  • (added later) The 404 Not Found page has a cool animation for no particular reason.
  • (added much later, June 14th) Sidebar now hides on lower resolutions to save on side-scrolling.
  • The Contact Me link works again!
  • Better organization.

I’m still tweaking some things, like support for smaller monitors(finished!). Eventually the redesign will make its way to the Spanish version of the site. I have other features planned, so stay tuned.

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  1. cathbad says:

    Good Work.
    The embed feature is cool. We never thought of this.

    See you :+)

  2. derek says:

    derek from bizarro blog please check out my last 4 posts