Enjoy sea otters, movies, and chocolate?

If you buy a 3 oz. Endangered Species candy bar at Walgreens before July 31st, you get a coupon code for a free rental from Redbox(a $1 value!). I just bought one, and judging from the coupon, the code likely expires after 2 weeks. It can be used for one night’s rental. The coupon comes with your receipt.

Endangered Species candy bars donate 10% of the net profits to help support species, habitat and humanity. The chocolate itself is 100% ethically traded, bought from small family-owned properties. The milk chocolate bar was pretty rich, and actually tasted almost like dark chocolate. This is the kind of chocolate you savor. Mine has a photo of a sea otter on it!

Redbox is a DVD rental company that uses vending machines at places like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and Walgreens. Each night’s rental is $1, no matter how long you keep it(unless you keep it 25 days, in which case, you’ve just bought it). It’s a very simple, straight-forward plan. Credit card is required.

Walgreens is like Wal-Mart, except smaller and more convenient. They have Deerfield Trading Company Premium Soda, which tastes awesome. They use real sugar, not corn syrup.

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