Pro tip: Install an image editor on an SD card!

I have an image editor installed on my camera’s SD card just in case I load the pictures onto a computer that lacks a decent image editor. If you go to, they have lots of useful open-source programs that can be installed onto a flash drive or ANY kind of portable media. I’ve loaded my flash drive with more software than I’ll likely need, but you never know when you might need to edit some audio on a computer lacking an audio editor(Audacity), or edit a Powerpoint presentation on an Office-less computer(OpenOffice). I now never leave home without an FTP client.

You can find the image editor here. You don’t even need to install the PortableApps menu.

Previously, my new flash drive ran U3 for its portable apps, but they can’t keep the software up to date. If I’m carrying Firefox with me, it has it to be 3.0 or higher, because they don’t support 2.x anymore.

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