Present for a cartoonist?

As you know, cartoonists love Christmas presents as much as the next person. Well, I’m not going to ask for Christmas presents from you. I’m going to ask for BIRTHDAY presents! I’ll be turning 27 on January 6th(the REAL 12th day of Christmas), and would like to make it possible to give me a present, via Paypal. If I reach certain levels, I’m using the money on the highest level reached. Here are the possible presents:

$3: 3 movie rentals via Redbox.

$7: A nice meal.

$10: A nice meal with dessert.

$20: New antenna designed for digital tv.

$90: A new phone with a text-messaging keyboard, so I can update Twitter more often.

$900: A new computer that’s NOT 8 years old.

I’m also open to other suggestions, but I do reserve the right to default to this list or somebody else’s suggestion.

No cash? Fan art is a great gift too! I plan on including a fan art section when I do my site redesign in a few months. I’m waiting for the next version of ComicPress before redesigning.

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