Gift cards- now with cameras and speakers!

Here’s a sign that companies are REALLY liking gift cards. Best Buy now has a gift card with a built-in SPEAKER! That’s right, a gift card that requires AAA batteries! The reviews are decent, as long as you’re in a quiet room. Plugs into your mp3 player or whatever. These gift cards start at $15.

But that’s nothing. Target wants to outdo them with a gift card with a DIGITAL CAMERA built in! Okay, technically it’s just a digital camera with a minimum of $50 credit on it and 40 free prints. I don’t know how that thick thing is swiped at the register(edit: it probably has a barcode, judging by one of their other cards). Maybe I should see if I can find them at our local Target. The reviews are horrible, though, but it’s basically a free camera with a $50 purchase, so they don’t need it to be great. It’s just enough for a “gee-wiz” factor.
They could have branded the gift card camera better, though. I don’t see their logo anywhere on it, and it’s gray and red! Target’s colors are WHITE and red. Oh wait, I think that’s their tiny logo embossed in the silver label that says “Gift Card”. That logo is not designed to be embossed. It just looks like a circle, or a button when embossed.

So, there are your interesting links today.

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