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Last Friday, October 3rd, Kenny Chronicles was reviewed on the Sequential Artists’ Pub. I finally listened to it today, and I kept wanting to interject during the discussion about social networks, but that’s hard to do when it’s already recorded, heh. I use the ShareThis plugin too, and really like how easy it is to use. I use Bookmark Me for the Spanish site because of the great list of foreign social networks it has. StumbleUpon has been a strong traffic driver for me. Sure, they don’t stick around, but at this point traffic is traffic.

Now, a few replies on the review of my site:
For the Spanish version, I have a separate installation of WordPress, and inserted php code on the single-comic template to go to that day’s archive on the Spanish site. The link on the homepage simply goes to the Spanish homepage. I did translate all that myself, although I rely heavily on Google Translate and my paperback Spanish-English dictionary, along with Google Search for grammar-checking and Wikipedia for pop culture checking. The translations are basically to increase my fluency with Spanish.

I just now fixed the display problem with windows smaller than 1024 pixels. I had no intention of designing for smaller screens, but I didn’t consider people resizing their windows to that size. Added an “overflow: hidden” attribute and that was easy. Edit: Oops, that somehow broke the header in Firefox 2.0! Guess we’ll just hope nobody shrinks the window that slim in Firefox 3.0(IE doesn’t have that problem). I’ll see if there’s another option.

I hand-letter my words, even when doing it 100% digitally. I simply prefer the look. When going 100% digital(after the July comics), I actually typed everything with an Arial font, then traced over them. Time-consuming, but still faster than a quill pen.

Cheers, Sequential Artists' PubI’d like to thank everybody for the comments and criticism, especially considering everybody at the Pub is a cartoonist themselves. Your perspectives are truly helpful.

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  1. Carlilse says:

    I never hear of hand lettering that way. Did you come up with that idea yourself? I’d never even attempt hand lettering as my process has me spending 5 hours a strip. About 2.5 hours more than I want.

  2. Carlisle says:

    Wow. I misspelled my own name.

  3. @Carlilse: Yep, I knew that a font would be a good guide for lettering, and it helps plan out the bubbles, so tracing already-clear letters sounded like a fine idea. The only problem is spacing between words. I have to have 2 spaces between words with this method so the words don’t blend together.