Sequential Artists’ Pub this Friday night!

This Friday, October 3rd at 9pm CST, be sure to join the Sequential Artists’ Pub as they talk about… THIS SITE! That’s right, over 50 people are going to stampede my site’s archives and talk about me behind my back in real-time for all to hear. I’ll be at my day-job during the podcast, but I might show up toward the end.

This MIGHT be a good time to advertise here using Project Wonderful, too!

Notes for my lovely/handsome reviewers:

  • Some parts look different on Internet Explorer. If somebody mentions the background on my ad box(fixed) or weird alignment of certain things(too minor to fix), they’re using IE. Just preventing confusion here.
  • Site redesign is in early planning stages, and I’m skilled enough to implement any ideas you throw at me.
  • I’m already aware of how weird July’s comics were. It was various experiments mixed together.
  • It’s okay to be honest. My ego level has reached unhealthily-high levels.
  • Thanks in advance for all your wonderful comments.


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