Merry Christmas!

For Christmas, I’d like to share this Kenny Chronicles comic from 2009 that features a medley of Christmas songs. It was after Funky Skunk knocked Kenny’s tooth out with a dodgeball & before Kenny got it fixed. I’ve enlarged it, too, just because.



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  1. Quentin says:

    What’s that “do you see what I seeeeee?” song? I’ve never heard it before…

    • “Little Drummer Boy”

      • Quentin says:

        Maybe you should turn this into an actual song like you did with ‘Get some culture kenny’… i like that song “Put your ass in the air” or “Put giraffes in the air” i got it on my ipod :P

        • Not sure I want to take the time to do that, though. Either I’d have to do all of those voices, or the audio would be just the instrumental versions of each song. I couldn’t use professionally-recorded singing since I changed the lyrics a little(plus the first song has 2 different voices), so it wouldn’t benefit the comic as much as Ass Up and Bedrock did. Ass Up simply sounds awesome.
          The main thing, I think, is that it would take time away from my preparation on Ferrets Vs Lemmings, which I’m rather behind on.

    • Quentin says:

      Whats going to happen to Fuego and his unusual carnivorous status? I mean you never did end that topic…

  2. Anonymous says:

    nice jingle bell rock visual pun.